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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Cut Price, Realm 6 Now Cheaper

Cut Price, Realm 6 Now Cheaper

To give appreciation to the Indonesian market for the acceptance given so far

, Realme 6 smartphones get a new price. Realme 6 variants of 4 + 128GB memory will get a discount of Rp. 200 thousand, where the price will be Rp. 3,299 million. As for the 8 + 128GB memory variant, it gets Rp100,000 to Rp3,799 million. With a tag starting from Rp. 3 million, buyers will get a number of advantages. Call it the use of the MediaTek Helio G90T chipset to guarantee an exceptional mobile gaming experience. The MediaTek Helio G90T is made using a 12nm process, making it more powerful and efficient.

With the combination of the latest CPU, GPU, super fast RAM and powerful AI, Realme 6 brings a gaming experience without limits for mobile gaming lovers. Realme 6 is also an advanced smartphone of the series of realm figures that bring excellence in design. Gorilla Glass 3 which coats the front is a sturdy glass material that has become a high standard in the mobile industry. 

The back of the smartphone body flaunts elegantly curved 3D shapes, giving it a good grip. In Indonesia, Realme 6 is available in two color choices namely Comet Blue and Comet White. Fine and beautiful lines carved on the back with precision creates motifs like comets that cut through the dark night sky. Realme 6 is also specifically designed to be able to withstand minor everyday .

accidents by integrating a waterproof design that is rarely found in its segment, providing three layers of splash resistance from the inside out. As a strong vendor in providing quality smartphone products but at affordable prices, the above points are the focus of Realme in innovating. Realme 6 also comes beyond its competitors with super fast battery charging technology. Realme 6 comes with 30W Flash Charge technology, a cutting edge innovation that provides a new standard in charging smartphone batteries.
 With 30W Flash Charge, the 4300mAh battery in Realme 6 can be fully charged in 60 minutes. Then in just 30 minutes, it can fill almost 70%. Even when playing heavy games, 30W Flash Charge can charge up to 62% in just 60 minutes. Adding flexibility, Realme 6 also supports charging 18W PD. So, the dream to look trendy with the latest gadgets is no longer a dream, because the 6 realms that come with new prices are able to make it happen.

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