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Thursday, 28 May 2020

Facebook Launches 'CatchUp' Voice Call Application

Facebook Launches 'CatchUp' Voice Call Application
Facebook Luncurkan Aplikasi Panggilan Suara ‘CatchUp’
Jakarta, Cellular.ID - Even though Facebook Messenger has made it possible for voice calls, Facebook still releases a similar application called 'CatchUp'.

 However, both remain different.  With CatchUp, there will be one major difference where users can show their availability.  This is very useful when you want to call a friend but don't know who is willing or busy.
With CatchUp, users will be able to set their speech status in the application to indicate whether they are available to receive calls, quoted from Ubergizmo, Thursday (5/28).

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 Facebook believes that this is intended to overcome some of the limitations with telephone calls, including when people don't know whether they should call when they don't want to bother other people if they are busy.

 By showing the availability status, it is implied that the user is not busy and can be contacted by telephone.

 Facebook added that the application had actually been developed for a while, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, they accelerated its development to help users stay connected with each other.

 CatchUp itself is the result of the development of Facebook's internal R&D team.  Until now, the CatchUp application was only available in the US for iOS and Android devices.

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