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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Hand in hand with Tiara Idol, Smartfren Invites Anti-Anxiety Internet Browsing

Hand in hand with Tiara Idol, Smartfren Invites Anti-Anxiety Internet Browsing

Tiara Andini, a singer who was born from a talent search event, is now officially chosen by Smartfren as the star of the latest Smartfren 1ON + (ion plus) product that starts airing on television at the end of this May.

 Understanding the needs of young Indonesians to have such a large internet experience, Smartfren presents 1ON + products with abundant bonus quota that can be easily found by purchasing a very affordable weekly package. 

This anxiety was conveyed through the distinctive chorus of mixed music that was popularized lately by the late Didi Kempot, and also who brought Tiara Andini into an idol star for young people in Indonesia. "I immediately agreed once offered in this collaboration. Aside from being a true loyal user of Smartfren for a long time, the concept of the 1ON + ad brings a genre of music that is very close to the heart.

 My friends like many who complain that their internet quota is always critical, so Smartfren 1ON + is very suitable, "said Tiara. Furthermore, Tiara explained that currently he is very dependent on internet connection, especially to support work activities such as listening to music, discussion about music online, live IG with media, telephone and activities on social media. Do not forget, Tiara also gives a positive message to all fans to use the internet as well as possible, there are many choices out there but the control is on our own, so there is no need to worry. 

Nothing is more appropriate in conveying conscience than through the song, and the melodious but exciting and lively rhythm of the tombs is the choice to deliver the #KuotaAntiWaswas message. "Smartfren chose Tiara as a TV commercial star for the latest Smartfren 1ON + product not only because of its rising achievements and popularity, but Smartfren prefers to see Tiara as part of future generations, Gen-Zs who are full of activities, active in social media and the internet. Tiara is a very appropriate figure to represent Smartfren 1ON +'s newest product, "explained Roberto Saputra, Smartfren's Chief Brand Officer. 

Smartfren has just launched a new variant of 1ON + Prime Card (ion plus) at the end of April. Has an excess of active period of up to a year so that customers do not need to fear the card will expire. Another plus of this starter card is the quota that all customers get is the main quota, starting from 3 GB, 9 GB to 18GB and can be used in all applications for chatting, video streaming and social media (FB, IG, Twitter and others). What's interesting about the SP 1ON + Card is Anti-Cut Credit, where the customer's credit will not be cut off for internet access when all quota runs out for 6 months after the card is activated. And free calls to fellow Smartfren numbers.

To complete the 1ON + Prime Card, Smartfren has variants of data vouchers starting from Rp 7,500 with a quota of 1 GB to a data voucher of Rp 100 thousand with a quota of 60 GB. Vouchers and various other internet package options with complete denominations can be purchased at the Smartfren Gallery, the nearest outlets, USSD * 123 #, Smartfren Official. or through the MySmartfren application. Additionally 1ON + users will get a Weekly Quota Bonus of up to 52 GB. Weekly quota bonus for users of 1ON + Rp20 thousand starter packs, 40 thousand starter cards and 1ON starter pack + Rp60 thousand.

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