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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Indosat Ooredoo Data Services Up 27% During Eid

Indosat Ooredoo Data Services Up 27% During Eid

Indosat Ooredoo recorded a 27% increase in Data traffic, during Lebaran. When compared to the average normal traffic usage before the Covid-19 pandemic. Turina Farouk, SVP-Head of Corporate Communications explained, this year the increase in data traffic was also seen in all regions including Jabodetabek due to Large-Scale Social Restrictions, (PSBB).

 Applications that appear to have increased are messaging, social media, and video streaming applications. "We also saw a good improvement in gaming applications," Turina said. Anticipating an increase in telecommunications needs in unusual Lebaran conditions this year, Indosat Ooredoo activates the Lebaran command center from D-2 to D-1 Lebaran which will monitor the quality of the Indosat Ooredoo network throughout Indonesia.

 This operator also optimizes the Indosat Ooredoo Network Operational Center (INOC) and the Indosat Ooredoo Service Operational Center (ISOC) and alerts Customer services in the myIM3 application, Chat service, Social Media and Call Center 185 that fully support the best Digital experience for Customers. For corporate customers, Indosat Ooredoo Business also guarantees that the Corporate Helpdesk will remain in full operation 24 × 7 and will continue to be committed to supporting the continuity of customer business during the Lebaran period and the Covid-19 situation. 

Also Read: Ahead of Ramadhan, Indosat Ooredoo Performs Network Optimization Turina added, to support activities at home, Indosat Ooredoo also launched an application package that supports activities at home. Namely a special package for access to conference applications, entertainment to games such as Viu, Vidio, Webex, MS teams, Skype. "Since the announcement of the collaboration with Viu in early May, we have seen a significant increase in user engagement and data traffic accessing Viu," concluded Turina.

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