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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Product Photography Tips, To Attract Online Buyer Interests

Product Photography Tips, To Attract Online Buyer Interests

Based on studies conducted by eBay Research Labs1, 

 Zilingo mentioned, the researchers found that stores that use high-quality images can potentially increase product sales. It was said for those who provide additional images through the slideshow feature can increase sales conversion rates by up to 65%. Of course this shows online shoppers, considering product photos are still more important than product information, reviews and ratings. Product photos function like storefronts, and when selling products online, especially fashion items, a well-designed product catalog will certainly help market the product better.

 If presented with a good concept, elements, properties and suitable shooting location, your product will look more attractive, which can increase customer desires in making a purchase transaction. Here are some tips from Chekka Riesca, Zilingo Senior Editor to create a better product catalog for the product. 1. Show the best side of the product when shopping online Providing product photos from various sides, especially for fashion items in a catalog is very important to ensure customers or prospective buyers understand the benefits of the products offered. In addition to all sides (front, side and back), close-up photos are also needed to show the detail of fabric, materials, and stitch patterns. 2. Lighting Good lighting conditions enhance the overall shooting atmosphere and place the product in the spotlight, allowing customers to have a clear idea of ​​how the product looks in real life. 

So, make sure there is plenty of bright and natural light in the photo for the best results. Make sure the lighting angle does not produce shadows, and if in doubt, always use colors that are brighter, rather than dark. 3. Determine uniform attributes Make sure each product has the same size and every photo taken in the same style. If appropriate, select a place in the office or warehouse as a permanent background to maintain the consistency of photos across all product lines. 

Also Read: Zilingo Encourages MSMEs to Get Business Capital in the Digital Age 4. Use a creative background The choice of background color is very important when determining the overall appearance of a product. 5. Re-check the results of the catalog Before uploading the catalog photo results to the site of choice, consider carefully re-cataloging. This sounds simple but this additional step can help detect things that might be missed. Reviewing the photo results again before uploading helps ensure that product photos are not blurry, not centered or overexposed, but in line with the expectations and prospects.

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