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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Alert, Zoom Spread User Data to Facebook

Alert, Zoom Spread User Data to Facebook

Zoom apparently violates user privacy. The video call and online meeting based application sends user data without permission to Facebook, even though Zoom users do not have a Facebook account.

This is known after a report from a network analysis company, Motherboard. The report revealed that the data sent by Zoom to Facebook contained a number of personal information about users, as reported by Appleinsider, Friday (3/27).

The intended personal information is, what devices the user uses, what operators they use, the user's city and time zone location, which will be detected immediately when accessing Zoom. Later, the data will be collected to target ads according to the target.

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Of course, this practice violates user privacy. Because, Zoom did not include the use of personal data in his privacy policy. In fact, Facebook as a third party, notifies users about the sharing of data in their privacy policies.

Thus, the social media platform asks Zoom to inform users through a privacy policy. In addition, Facebook also asked Zoom to transparently explain to their users what data was sent to Facebook.

Nevertheless, users also still need to be vigilant, because Zoom is currently popular. The application is considered to help connect jobs even though they have to be from home.

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