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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Clarification of Data Theft, CEO of Tokopedia Surati User

Clarification of Data Theft, CEO of Tokopedia Surati User

Following the news of data leakage of 15 million users last week, Tokopedia CEO and Founder William Tanuwijaya provided clarification regarding this matter.

On May 12, 2020, William sent a letter to all Tokopedia users. The following is the sound of the letter:

"On May 2, 2020, we became aware of data theft by unauthorized third parties regarding Tokopedia user information. We have taken a number of steps to overcome this incident, "he wrote.

First, after learning of this incident, Tokopedia immediately provides information to all users, starts the investigation process and takes steps that need to be taken to ensure that accounts and transactions are maintained. The company ensures that passwords are encrypted with one-way encryption.

Secondly, Tokopedia has communicated and cooperated with the government, including the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Siber and Sandi Negara Agency to investigate this incident while ensuring the security and protection of users' personal data.

Third, in addition to conducting rigorous internal investigations, the platform has also appointed world-class independent institutions specializing in cyber security to assist in the investigation and identification of the steps needed to further enhance the protection of users' data.

Appeal Change Password
Not forgetting, William also invites all users to follow the recommended security measures such as ensuring that they always change account passwords periodically, do not use the same password on various digital platforms, and maintain OTP by not giving the OTP code to any party including those on behalf of Tokopedia and for any reason.

"We understand that this incident has caused inconvenience to all users. Therefore, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all Tokopedia users for your continued support to us amid the challenges this time, "he concluded.

As a marketplace platform in Indonesia, Tokopedia has been trusted by more than 90 million Indonesians. For 11 years, the company has continued to improve its procedures and anticipation and mitigation systems according to the world's best standards.

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