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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

How to Hide Old Facebook Posts

How to Hide Old Facebook Posts

Now Facebook allows users to hide old posts. Just like Instagram, posts that are already published on the platform and are no longer relevant, but worth keeping, can be archived.

This is a nice feature that allows you to make certain Facebook posts private rather than moving them directly to the trash.

New options for hiding old Facebook posts are now available through the newly launched Manage Activity interface.

To hide a post, you must choose to archive it, which means that the post will no longer be visible to others, but will still be stored in your Facebook account.

From the new Manage Activity tab, you can send Facebook posts directly to the trash that will be stored for 30 days before being deleted.

Of course, you can choose to delete posts sent to the trash manually and not wait for 30 days, or you can restore them before they disappear forever.

Facebook also adds filters to help users view and manage posts in bulk, as well as sort and find what they are looking for easier than ever before.

Yes, you can now find posts with certain people or those published on a certain date.

The good news is that Manage Activity will be launched first on smartphones and tablets. There is no ETA version for desktop and Facebook Lite at this time.

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