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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Pandemic, Nutanix Extends Payment Terminals

Pandemic, Nutanix Extends Payment Terminals

Cloud computing company Nutanix announced the Nutanix Special Financial Assistance Program (NSFAP) to support partners around the world as they maintain business operations amid the pandemic.

The NSFAP program will extend payment terms to participating partners, so they have better financial flexibility for their business.

In addition, Nutanix also provides enhanced financing options for customers through Nutanix Financial Solutions (NFS).

"We are aware of the enormous pressure facing companies at the moment and we are pleased to be able to offer immediate support to partners by easing the burden of cash flow and increasing financing flexibility," said Chris Kaddaras, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Nutanix.

Companies are currently very focused on efforts to maintain cash flow and delay spending, while continuing to do business, retain employees, and support their customers. NSFAP aims to help provide liquidity to partners and provide the financial flexibility they need. Through this program:

Participating authorized reseller partners of Nutanix are entitled to an extension of payment terms, at no additional cost, and apply immediately.
Participating official reseller partners of Nutanix will then forward the extension of this payment term to their customers to support further financial flexibility.
This program is available until a certain deadline which is May 31, 2020.
Customers can also take advantage of enhanced financing solutions through the Nutanix customer financing agency, NFS, designed to support the customer's business continuity, including suspension of payments for 180 days, an adjustable payment plan, cash trade-in of existing assets, and more .

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