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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Sony ZV-1, a Camera for Casual Video Shooting

Sony ZV-1, a Camera for Casual Video Shooting

Sony introduces the latest ZV-1 digital pocket camera. Kazuteru Makiyama, President Director of PT Sony Indonesia, said the latest ZV-1 camera from Sony was specifically designed to meet the needs and demands of the public for an easy-to-use camera device for casual video recording.

He mentioned that this camera was the result of direct input from the Sony community so large. This camera comes with an innovative design that is equipped with the latest technology, settings, and modes.

"This camera allows beginners to record simple videos in a way they couldn't before. The ZV-1 camera is here to make subjects in the video stand out in any environment. Each feature is optimized for simple video capture, "Kazuteru said.

According to Kazuteru, the ZV-1 camera has an Exmor RS® CMOS type 1.0 image sensor stacked with DRAM chips and a large-aperture 24-70mm F1.8-2.8 ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T * image that creates a beautiful bokeh background (background blur), allows the subject to stand out from the background.

This camera locks and tracks subjects with high accuracy and speed using a leading autofocus system from Sony.

"The ZV-1 is also equipped with the latest generation BIONZ X image processor with LSI front-end, providing high resolution and low noise resulting in superior image quality. This camera also combines exceptional imaging technology with a choice of high-quality and versatile audio, "Kazuteru said.

The ZV-1 is Sony's first compact camera with a side-opening, Vari-angle LCD screen, making it easier to compose photos with a mobile phone-friendly display while connecting external audio accessories. To meet all needs, the ZV-1 has a variety of advanced video features, including 4K movie recording and image stabilization that is embedded in the camera body.

ZV-1 is able to shift focus on the object that the user wants to display more easily and quickly than before. Now users no longer need to place their hands behind objects to make the camera focus thanks to the Product Showcase Setting which allows a quick and smooth focus transition between the face of the subject and the object in front of the lens.

The ZV-1 camera is cornered with color science technology reengineered to optimize skin tone. To increase the emphasis on the subject's face, especially when recording using the selfie mode, ZV-1 creates a smooth and natural skin tone and maintains sharp images in the mouth and eyes, both in video and photo modes.

For audio, the microphone on the ZV-1 has Sony's latest Directional 3-capsule Mic designed to capture forward-directional audio, which allows the camera to capture the subject's sound while minimizing background noise.

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For added flexibility, the ZV-1 has a standard 35mm (3.5mm) mic jack and Multi Interface Shoe ™ (MI shoe) making it easy to connect various external microphones. ZV-1 is also equipped with wind screen accessories that fit when mounted on an MI shoe to minimize wind disturbances.

Kazuteru added, for the price and availability Sony will inform it soon, because the presence of the ZV-1 camera will soon be available in Indonesia in 2020.

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