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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

SuperZoom Realm X3 Stretched Features Starry Mode

SuperZoom Realm X3 Stretched Features Starry Mode

realm will bring the SuperZoom X3 realm to Indonesia on June 16, which is said to have been equipped with a periscope zoom camera feature up to 60x (hybrid) which refers to the overall performance of top smartphones.

Palson Yi, Marketing Director of Indonesian realm, conveyed at the opportunity that realm itself has received a very good response from young Indonesians over the planned launch of its flagship product that brings extraordinary innovation. Because, Indonesia, which is an important market for realism, makes reality to continue to realize the demand desired by fans in the country to present a flagship smartphone. For this reason, the XZ SuperZoom realm is present in Indonesia to strengthen the existence of realism in the best flagship product segment at prices under Rp10 million.

Bringing super camera specifications, the XZ SuperZoom realm aims to bring a different photography experience from before. Interestingly, realm will also introduce a new online launch concept with the theme "Zoom into Smart Space" which invites young people to enjoy space travel from the universe realm to uncover something from each planet.

To be able to record the beauty of the night sky from reality, reality has developed Starry Mode exclusively. Starry Mode supports 64MP main camera and 5x Persicope Lens making the X3 SuperZoom realm as a smartphone that has the best main camera for photographing starry skies and the Milky Way. The 5x Periscope Lens feature can also give you comfort to see the main constellations.

The periscope lens of the SuperZoom X3 realm also allows you to zoom in on images up to 60x so that objects are clearly visible with a good level of image smoothness. This makes the X3 SuperZoom realm have the most advanced enlargement technology in its class, and invites you as a user to experience an experience they have never felt before.

After the success of the X2 Pro realm in Indonesia last year, the realm is confident that it will announce another flagship smartphone. Bringing a flagship smartphone is one of the realm strategies this year as the Tech Trendsetter smartphone brand. the SuperZoom X3 realm itself will continue the success of the previous X series which became a favorite flagship in the price range of Rp 6-8 million and bring it to the next level.

If you are curious about the innovations that brought reality, reality invites you to enjoy space travel on June 16 virtually through live streaming on the official channel of the Indonesian realm.

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