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Monday, 1 June 2020

TelkomGroup Gives 44 Ventilators to BUMN Foundation for Indonesia

*TelkomGroup Gives 44 Ventilators to BUMN Foundation for Indonesia

-Telkom Indonesia handed over 44 ventilators of CSR assistance to the BUMN Foundation as a form of concern against co-19.

-Vice President of Telkom Corporate Communication Arif Prabowo conveyed, the provision of ventilator assistance is one form of Telkom's contribution to support the efforts of medical personnel -in hospitals in dealing with patients exposed to Covid-19.

-"In the midst of the current pandemic conditions, ventilators have become crucial needs. Given the ever-increasing needs while the price of ventilators is quite high, many hospitals require ventilator supplies to facilitate the handling of patients, especially those with respiratory problems. Hopefully this ventilator assistance can help hospitals and medical personnel, "explained Arif.

-Ventilators are medical devices that function to support and help the breathing of patients who have difficulty breathing. The purpose of using this tool is so that patients can be helped to breathe and get air like normal breathing.

-In addition, Telkom as an SOE actively continues to contribute to supporting the Government's efforts in dealing with the spread of Covid-19. Since the enactment of work from home and learn from home policies, Telkom has prepared excellent service and telecommunications network support to ensure the comfort of customers and the community during their activities at home.

-To date, Telkom has delivered 2,989 personal protective equipment, 9,698 liters of disinfectant, 15,240 masks and 4,350 hand sanitizers of various sizes. This assistance is distributed through Telkom Regional and Witel offices and BUMN Joint Posts in 34 provinces throughout Indonesia.

-"Let us work hand in hand to face Covid-19 and hopefully this pandemic can soon pass and our activities can return to normal," concluded Arif.

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